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  • Do you offer discount ?
    All members whether online or in person is offered a pathway to gain upto 50% off the products they buy, more information about our Pathway will be discussed with your Wellness Coach.
  • How much does it cost if were to be an Online Customer ?
    You won't have any membership costs to pay as you will not be visiting us in club, however you will need to purchase certain Nutrition Products that will be part of your nutritional lifestyle, these products can be purchased via our online store on this site. What products you buy would be advised by your appointed Wellness Coach.
  • Can I have free sessions ?
    Yes! We use a 'Heart' system, ask your Wellness Coach on how you can qualify upto 30 free sessions!
  • How much does this cost ?
    If you were to be in house member (visiting us in club in person), this would cost as little as £5.50 per visit. You can purchase 10 sessions or 30 Session bundles.
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