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Our Wellness Evaluations are split into two sections. To establish where it is your wish to be (your goals) we need to understand where you are now. Why you are there and why you wish to change, we need understand what motivates you and what could potentially discourage you, as we need to set out a path for you to be successful, your success is our success.

First Section (The Wellness Profile)

In this firs section we discuss your current lifestyle habits, which include your exercise routine, eating and drinking habits, but first we need to know what area you want help with, is it one of all of the below...


Weight Loss?

Increase Energy Levels ?

Improve your Health & Wellness?

Improve Sports Performance ?

Change or Tone Up your Body Shape?

Depending whether you are going to be an online client or an 'Active' in club member we will map out your 'Journey' to achieve your goals and lay down some targets. 

You will be appointed your very own Wellness Coach who will be there to support  you every step of the way, this Wellness Coach is a real person that has your goals in mind, you will find them results and success driven and is ready to push you all the way to hit your targets.

Only those people that are 100% ready to change their life and improve themselves need to apply, the rest can consider their current situation and come to us only when they are ready to improve their lifestyles.


Wellness Evaluations take place both Online and in Person

A happy member
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